Шланги для полива без скручивания


The sludge hose is a tool that enables the regular flow of plants. The olive shlang will spare the need to wear water in the buckets and other horticulture problems, most importantly make the right choice.


Depending on the material made of hoses, the following shall be distinguished:

  • The olive rubber slang is dried, fat and durable, can be used under extreme conditions.
  • Shalang olive Armated - protected against overflows, fractures, long-term, but less flexible and weighing.
  • The PVC slang is particularly flexible and robust, stable to high temperatures and intensive loads, with light weight.

The water hose functionality may be as follows:

  • The hose is irrigated through small holes in its walls equipped with regulatory valves.
  • Spiral slang is spiraling in the spiral, stretching out the bay for the necessary length, is perfect for the clums and crafts.
  • The drip slang is a dosed tilt of plants with similar moisture requirements, and water comes to their roots. The bay can be completely automated.
  • The rainbow has a flat shape and an ambush that creates a variety of stunning rains. It's comfortable with the long bay.

The garden hoses are also divided into tidal and fences. The fence hose operates on the principle of vacuum and pumps water, for example from the well, and the olive is already irrigated.

The Lerua Merlen Magazines are prepared to offer each client a large range of garden tools, which will not be difficult to pick and buy a sludge. The network ' s professional staff will answer any questions from buyers and help to buy a olive hose for appropriate purposes at an attractive cost.