Как вырастить розу из черенка

Sterean Rose

розы в вазеPinks I like everyone, but it's so sad when they come in. I want to extend the life of flowers. But whatever you're doing, there's still an hour when you have to throw out the bouquet...

However, observational people may notice that sometimes roses in the bouquet give rise to new escapes. You can use this amazing character of the flowers and steal your house as a charming one. roses in the throat♪ They'll welcome you and your loved ones for a long time, and it's not hard to make such a good part of the interior. Even if you've never had anything to do with home plants, you'll be fine!

  1. When the bouquet is almost completely wrapped, slice the curtains. Each has at least three kidneys.срезанная роза Take the middle part of the rose stalk, 10 to 15 cm.
  2. Make a sharp knife to the slash below the interdose, with 5 cm down. If there are leaves on the line, the bottom is removed, the top is half.
  3. Now the little tenants need help. Take a cure to improve plant feeding (e.g. Cornevin or Heteroauksin), intelligence according to the instruction.роза в стакане Put the worms in this wonderful solution for 12 to 14 hours.
  4. Now you can put the heat in the ground! Preparing not a very big pot with vomit. The worm has to be inclined, the land around it is a little lost.
  5. All right, put it on the line and put it on top of the pulp bag.роза в пакете There will be a favourable microclimate inside the package, which will help to construct the plant.
  6. Open your landing three times a day, keeping the land a little wet all the time.

That's it! Now we just need to wait until the line is rooted and flourishing.

You have no idea how much joy your grown-up flower will bring you! Satisfied. That beauty can be given to someone, and it's a good way to make any room.

розовые розыTo make the house beautiful and cozy, you need a little effort.

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