Дизайн дачи фото

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интерьер дачного домика внутри фото эконом классаIt's very common for the home to go all the things that no longer need in the city - old furniture, bad bed laundry and towels, clothes that don't like other stuff. It is believed that this is the way to save funds and create an interior of economic class. But making unnecessary things out of your country house is totally wrong, because you're going to rest there. Therefore, creating a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere is no less important than in a city apartment.

It doesn't mean that only new things can be used at this point, your favourite loss chair will necessarily become a cozy part of a garden house, even if it's not looking well in a modern apartment. It's just important to keep the balance up, and with the mind, to supplement new furniture and materials with vintage things that have long lived in your family.

What can you do in the middle of an economy?

  1. Simple furniture. There's no point in buying expensive furniture with a decoration, choosing the simplest things, because they're the ones that will help create a comfortable country style. If the wooden closets and the comedians seem boring to you, steal them. with your hands. It's a great job for family weekends outside the city.
  2. Stolen things. Choose furniture for the interior of economic-grade country houses, use the websites for the sale of used items. There's nothing wrong with setting up a brand-new kitchen garrithing to make him in good condition. By the way, if you bought a new couch in your apartment, an old one doesn't have to go for a change if you don't like it anymore, you'd better sell it and buy another, too with your hands, but a more handsome and suitable home.
  3. Quality is more important than speed. Of course, I'd like to put the house down as fast as I can, make the walls better, and set up a beautiful fireplace. But if the funds don't allow, don't rush. Dach is a long-term acquisition. Spread the budget evenly and improve your garden house gradually. It's better to buy a more expensive fireplace than the cheapest model, and the other gears are to be postponed for the next year than to buy everything at once, but at the lowest prices and to the detriment of quality.
  4. Season discounts. If you're dreaming of a garden swing, for example, but this purchase seems to be unnecessarily expensive, wait for the fall. All the long-distance items will be sold with good discounts, so set up shop raids at the end of August and early September.


Buying the furniture of the economy class will pay attention to the beautiful textile. The simplest table will steal a bright scatter from natural materials, chairs are cozy underpants, and the common type of room will help improve beautiful curtains and napkins.