М. Мишин Самоделки для сада и огорода - Документ


It's not a simple saving of the family's budget, but a job that gives us joy. It is pleasant to use useful inventions that facilitate garden and garden work. The recreational zones are also trying to be literate and cost-free. And we're doing housework and most of the time in winter is a lot of thinking, and construction stores have a minute to run.
The cost of introducing the same drip in the garden is kind of biting. But we counted the skills on the bay, multiplied them to the weight of the water cubic metres carried over, and cut the budget and time to construct the water system. And trust me, it's not always necessary to use a "cooled" machine, so much can be accomplished by simple ventilation, and it's the most convenient place. It is necessary to balance the funds invested and the efforts made to maintain our day. Introducing ideas for giving and gardening with their hands will be useful to us for years, and bringing not only free time but also well-deserved pride.