Как своими руками изготовить садовую тачку?

With Your Hands

avto8In addition, Kemal shared with us the drawings of the AvtoCAD programme. They can be free.

The lengths and heights were chosen from practical considerations. The Capote serves a bed crawl, no matter how jumping through the sidewall. For that reason, he didn't do the wheel and the dashboard.

For the interior, don't be judged. In the process of construction, the car was living on the street. Materials used:

  • 16mm plywood,
  • Exploited foam 5cm and 2cm
  • (who from Ukraine, who knows) puts the foam on the plywood,
  • epoxy resin about 10 flaccoons.
  • car caps (3-4 bows) paint,
  • The headlamps are Gazelle turns,
  • Two folgated ribbons for reflectors,
  • Two diode bulbs 12 volts from any car,
  • 1mm.
  • Furniture loops
  • Gaslift 2 st.

The photo, in principle, shows everything. We cut out the main design.

We put the first layer of foam on 5cm, then 2cm. The third layer is what we want to highlight. The wheels are left empty. Here we go. Getting some juice.Для изгиба капота фанеру с обратной стороны пропиливает через 1, 5-2см. на 2 толщины фанеры. Саморезами притягиваем к лекальным направляющим. The surface of the polystyrene is covered with glass epoxide (the next photo shows the refined wing).

Then another layer for volume and severity.

The Capt is attached to a couple of cupboard hinges, and it's getting gaslifted.

It's all tightly packed and slide.

The process of making wheels has unfortunately not been sealed. They were doing the same thing, but they were plywood outside. They cut the lobster, and then the fresher circus went crazy. The edges were rounded up with a calibre.

Переходим к «Морде». Бампера цельные вырезаны из соснового бруса. Фары ставятся по месту. avto12 avto11 avto14