Садовые инструменты, Секаторы - Плоскостной секатор Fiskars Single


Every gardener knows that tree branches and handicrafts have been and are not yielding fruit over time. In order to prevent this process, steps are being taken cutting of damaged nets♪ After such a procedure, buoyancy and generosity of fruit crops are guaranteed. Fiskars sequentials will be great to cut the races, the flowers, the winds aren't big. With the secator, you can create an excellent form of your artisanal and decoration plants. In addition, the cut has a good impact on plant development, and it also contributes to the penetration of the tree of air and light.

A power-operated power-operated cell will be perfect to cut the rigid and dry winds. This tool is very compact, and at the same time it is high. PowerStep provides a multi-stage cut for different branches.

It is recommended that horticulture horticultures be used in a convenient and simple use of Single Step. It's made of stainless steel, has sharp blades. The pen is very compact and convenient for both hands.

Fiskars trademarks for your attention. Smart Fit♪ It's a feature of a special mechanism that allows for the regulation of blades.

The real finding for a rider will be a power cell with a power drive. The blade of this instrument is made from carbon steel, covered with tephlon. Innovative solutions to this model have been the possibility of adjusting the distance between the hands.

Specificity Quantum The fact that the ego hull is made of aluminium, so it has a small mass and very simple in use. The compartment is equipped with a blade locking mechanism that makes you safe in the transport of the instrument.

Fiskars merchandise is a great choice for both amateur gardener and a professional. On our website, you can find a suitable model for you at a democratic price. Each instrument is a guarantee of high quality, efficiency and productivity for long years. With Fiskars, your garden will acquire a completely new, sophisticated species, and the plants will be generously harvested!

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