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Vitaly explains why last December a car was sold at $3999 equivalent: "To clean the car is my hobby. I like to paint them, finish them up. In short, I love everything that has to do with repair. The Opel Omega-99 project has reached its final stage, and I have nothing else to do with it. Many are thinking about the philosophical question of what to do in achieving dreams. I thought I'd have a new one. So, six months of work and a lot of investments left behind. We need to move on. I have a new project ahead of me, and the previous car must have a new master. "

For the purpose of inflating the vehicle, the owner lists the components: air conditioner, leather salon, light discs, xenon, park tractor, rear view camera with screen on the mirror, heating the seats and navigation, auto-launching. The body is painted in two colours: black with red and green. The audio system should be mentioned separately. The thing is, the car is sold without “music”. The approximate cost of the audio-tank, which occupies most of the trunk, is, according to Vitali, about $2000 equivalent. Equipment is intended for another project now temporarily frozen.

We asked the owner to tell us the history of this car. Given that he brought Opel into his current appearance on his own, the best expert would not find: " I once changed my old Ford Fiesta on BMW E36. At the same time, the neighbor bought Opel Omega. Let's go to the garage with him to see what happened to the bavarian fist. While I was on my way, I was thinking, why did I buy this "bah"? Anyway, while we were repairing, we agreed to an equal exchange. Then, when the Opel looked, he found a lot of "brooks." But I wasn't scared of my job. I kept him back to life. One of the most beautiful days, the streaming belt broke, it was thrown under the TMG. This resulted in the need to replace the engine (14 valves down). The old two-litre engine under the hood took V6 from Cadillac CTS of 3,0 litre with a distance of 100,000 km. Of course, this serious improvement has resulted in a lot of work being done so, so to speak, in a connection: submarine replacement, radiator, cooling systems, cardana, rear refrigerator, dashboard and other minor. The APC and all the electricity came back. "

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