Продам оптом керамические и пластиковые горшки, грунты, удобрения

Plastic Pots

Flora PlastLux offers to buy plastic pots of its own production. Starting in 1995, firms ' specialists have been engaged in consumer demand studies in this market sector and are developing new models in the most promising and demanding direction. Since the company ' s founding, plastic mountains have been one of the main products of their own production.

Plastic pottery characteristics for plants and flowers from Flora Plast:

  • Environmental integrity of materials used in their production;
  • A great variety of models of any kind, shape, colour;
  • guaranteed long-term service life;
  • Extreme appearance;
  • Strength;
  • affordability.

In addition, Flora Plast will ensure the needs for these products and horticultures and gardeners and room-based amateurs, and professional interior and landscape designers

Plastic mountains and their benefits

Plant pots are now produced from a vast variety of materials. But the most popular thing has been since they arrived. Flower plastics♪ And that's not surprising, because:

  • The soil in plastic mountains is very moisture, which prevents plants from experiencing water shortages;
  • In contrast to other materials, plastics are much easier;
  • They are multifunctional and user-friendly;