Пульверизатор: виды и как сделать своими руками

Water Converter

You're going to need a decor:
- Acrylic paint of white Matt Latex Dufa and acrylic Umbra Natural;
- skins (sniff and small);
- Fragmentation glue (possible to use PWA glue);
- the synthetic bone is wide;
- Water pulse (for flowers);
- paint containers;
- Finished waterproof.

1. For convenience, the box can be removed from the fountain by removing the vines and loops and putting it in a separate box.

And get to the decor.

2. Let's put a rumble in the container with water, to the consistence of the kefier or to the other. We'll paint the whole box in brown. Thanks to him, we'll get an ageing effect. It will also serve as a dirt, as a clean tree feeds the paint and needs the underground under later colour.
When the paint is completely dry, it needs to be processed by a small brake to smooth.

3. Next, we wipe our piece of the wax, we can use a normal economic candle.

4. We'll unleash the white paint with water in the container before the consistance is liquid. We're decorating our product with a sufficiently fat layer, creating, like, a liquid flat surface, free of stains.

5. When everything drys well, it's better to even leave for the night, take a very rough skirt and do so-called producer, or cut white paint to the ground.

6. It's time to glue napkins. Let's start by cooking everything for this.
We're tearing up the napkin fragments, marking the future of the product.
Split every fragment, leaving only the top thin layer. We're clicking napkins by way of the file. We'll take a regular hard office file and share it in two parts, two separate sheets.
We put our fragment on our face down, take the water pulse and scramble the fragment. He's got to swim in the law. We'll clean up the warehouses carefully. Covering up the second part of the file. Let's go with the rag, screaming and cleaning out the other water. Let's take off the top sheet and put our image on the box.
We're doing the same with all the other fragments.

7. We've got to add a decor-- we've got pink paint. We'll add red acryl to our white paint. Put a paint on the side of the board and the walls of the scale.

8. We'll give the whole box dry, we'd better stay overnight.

9. Cover any final acryl noodles.

10. After drying, we'll collect our box, stacking our roosters and locks.

Our scale is ready! There she is, in all the colors:

Master class on Debuju with your object, and if you don't have that subject, you'll always find a taste cooking at our school.

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