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Garden Al-Ko

With the continuous use of construction cars on construction sites where there are many battle bricks and slices on the ground, it is recommended that the use be made of construction vehicles. Single wheel car

Two-wheeled cars You can use not only the garden. If the car is loaded as much as possible, even an untrained person will be able to handle it, as the car requires much less effort when moving, and the use of broad and soft pneumocole increases the passability of the car on any surface.

Largest cars Single-wheeled cars with a reinforced frame and with rigid handles that reduce the load on the cow when the car is moving. In addition, cars have a strong tent protecting the wheel and used for unloading. These cars have the fattest cows. We'll find different kinds of cars, including reinforced ones, for example, AL-KO 125G construction reinforced, reinforced,

All our online cars have steel zinc crusts. I mean, zinc cows in a car are much more reliable than aluminium and plastic, with little difference by weight. It's easier to repair a car - it's much easier to fix or wet a steel body.

Gardens or garden cars
In the countryside or not without a garden car. Telephones are used to transport land, fertilizers, sand. One-wheeled gardener is more mobile and mobile, easily passes in narrow and difficult areas, and easily turns. But it must be remembered that a single wheeled car with a heavy load of the body can only be managed by a physically strong man. A single-wheeled single-wheeled car can easily fall apart. Two-wheeled garden cars require less movement, they have better access.