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1 Inch 50 Metres

Shalang Geolia Classic, PVC, 3/4 inch - three-layer, elastic, tricotage skilled for the pole. Produced in Italy under the name of Geolia, owned by Lerua Merlen. Internal layer is from PVC, reinforced by knuckled fibre. Diameter 1, 9mm, 50m long. Working pressure 10bar, maximum pressure 30bar. Maintains at -20°C to +60°C.


  • is particularly flexible and robust;
  • Temperature resistance;
  • has a small weight;
  • I'll take you to the heavy loads.

This hose will be a great assistant in the garden and garden pole with a guarantee from the manufacturer for 15 years. His purchase at Leroy Merlen's stores will be a profitable purchase for you.