Ландшафтный дизайн сада | Красивые идеи для загородного интерьера фото

Dizine Garden

It turns out that people from the architecture and the nerds came into the landscape design. I'm the last one, so for me the foundation of the garden is the plants, and the landing plan is the most important feature of the project. Since I don't have a lecture on landscape designs now, I'm not gonna tell you what everyone knows (on alleys, living gardens, crown diameters, lightweight and shadowing) but I'm gonna try to address such interesting points as you're certain to know, but maybe not thinking seriously about them.
The plants are the best and most interesting material. landscape designer♪ In the organization of space, tree plants can play many roles. They can be walls, roofs, screens, backgrounds, accents, even carpets. They help to spread the boundaries visually, to create a prospect, torn corners.
People have long been planting tree plants around their homes using their useful qualities. The plants gave people food, shadow, medicine, aromats and, of course, aesthetic pleasure. All these properties are being used now.

Although we do not need to cultivate food plants, many like to have edible plants in their gardens. In addition to habitual apples, cherries, plums, malls and sorodines, there are many more interesting plants that can be used in food. For example, Irga, barbarians, ragons, arony, magic and others. But not only can people enjoy the fruits of their garden. There are other creatures who don't mind doing it, birds. They fill our gardens with fun cheek, make it even more interesting. And they're also doing good by destroying pests. And how nice it is to find a nest in your garden with a bird! It's exciting for kids and adults. To support birds and attract them to their gardens, plants with edible fruit can also be used. Other animals we're always happy to see in our garden are proteins. If there are woods around here, they'll have to come to the fruits of the hazel or the nut of Manchuri.

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