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Blower Quadrant

Many apartments, houses and offices have live flowers. They decorate the room, fill it with cozyness and enjoy the eyes of green leaves and colours.

For the flower not only to look beautifully but to develop well, it needs the right content, including the choice of the right pot. Let's see the ceramic mountains for flowers and find out where they're best used.

Ceramic horizons for room flowers

So, ceramic mountains - the best choice for most room plants.

Among the advantages of the keramic, we shall call:

  • It's natural and safe material;
  • It provides natural ventilation and thermal ejection;
  • through the porous walls of the ceramic receptacle, the excess vagina is evaporated.

And the main lack of a ceramic mountain is its fragility.

The variety of species of ceramic pots sold in flower shops can smash off a start-up flower. Therefore, before buying, we need to figure out what kinds of pots are:

  • clayed or frosted (covered from the outside of the glan eye). They're beautiful, but they don't have airproofness. It is therefore recommended that such mountains be used as coughs;
  • with holes in the bottom or without them. The latter are also suitable for use only as a cough because otherwise they will be protected by water;
  • different sizes. A large ceramic pot will be suitable for adults with a powerful root system, and it can be used as a napole. Small receptacles usually contain figs, cyclomen, etc. A high ceramic Colour peas They'll be good for room palms, dramas, yukkis;
  • different shapes are most commonly round or square ceramic pots for flowers.

We call for your attention It's an attractive price. You can purchase a few ceramic chords for the flowers with a kit: it's a good way to steal a kitchen or a guestly handsome set of plants in the same or similar receptacles.