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Water Rubber Hose

We have a flexible submarine of two types for water and a set of submarines for the mixer.
Flexible submarine is used for the installation of water, heating and sanitary appliances, water-using appliances and the connection of domestic gas stoves to parks.

The water submarine is a rubber hose in a metal alloy (usually stainless thread). Metal spray protection - protection of rubber hose from external mechanical impacts and hydraulic shocks. Accession to water supply systems is carried out in one of two ways: by means of a stucer (incorporated into a connected device) or by an oxidized hyke (indicated to a thorac of a cut pipe). The rubber hose used in the water submarine production is made of ethylene-propylene PERDM. It's a "nontoxic rubber" used for. drinking water♪ The red and blue filaments in the submarine mean that the submarine can be used for both cold and hot water.
The flexible submarine for the mixers is presented in a set of two submarines (one hot water submarine, another cold water submarine). The flexible submarine for the mixer (component of 2 st.) has a different length of the stucer, it is done specifically to prevent both submarines from interfering with each other when the mixture is installed with a sanitary instrument. Otherwise, both submarines are interchangeable.