Grass Foot

Gruntek - German quality at a profitable price

Gruntek is capable of meeting the needs of most gardeners and gardeners. A German manufacturer, but their price policy is very democratic for buyers. The quality of steel and related materials is at a high garden level. Several types of inventory are proposed for the client with different indicators:

The Inox saturation tool will be suitable for pre-plant soil preparation and levelling, for crop-coloured irrigation. It is recommended for the pulmonary soil, which is simply being processed, that it is not desirable to work with solid and melted land. That's a great option. manual gardening tool for classical stylishers.

The standard Klassisch tool series, unlike the cheaper equivalents of other producers, uses steel of 1.2 mm, has a larger work area and a deeper handhold. The thick paint ball is produced by the powder method.

The Lux Sad Tool will be suitable for planting and caring for plants on clumbs, greenhouses, Wazons, etc. It is intended for a pulmonary soil that is easily treated, it is not desirable to work with frozen and solid land. A pleasant appearance not only makes an eye, but also has a well-designed design.