Ландшафтный дизайн огорода фото

Landscape Design Of Photo Garden

Дорожки и тропинки на приусадебном участке

Choose a garden design on a photo of possible style decisions.

The preliminary stage of the land plan is to define the style in which the garden design will be completed. A graphic combination of all its integral elements will create a harmonious masterpiece. Otherwise, free planning has all the chances of getting a tasteless person and negatively perceived by others. Let's see the most popular of them:

  1. Classic lines and angles.
  2. Landscape is original interior shapes and unexpected solutions.

Characteristic characteristics Classical style are clear descriptions of all components, namely the gas and streams. Their rectangular or square forms are circumscribed by oval (rounded) colours or clumbs. The advantage of style is to use the free space of the land as much as possible.

With regard to the landscape approach, it has free lines and figures. Such an arrangement enables the visual expansion of the fence and benefits in emphasizing its basic dignity.

It is important to follow one of the principles of symmetry or asymmetry in the process of constructing the fence. In the first case, all design features are mirrored by the centreline. The combinations that have been created will be reconciled harmoniously, in a photo of the garden design, it's visible to an unarmed eye. The asymmetric approach involves dividing the site into unequal sizes of the area that are at their own discretion. Use popularity and popularity closed receptionwhen the free space is limited to wood or wood. However, there was no need to abuse the restriction because some plants could not develop fully in the shadows.

Give us an example of good decisions in terms of landscape design crops:

  1. leaf salad and beetle rotation;
  2. Large plants of cable and pumpkin;
  3. Decorative cabbage (extractive appearance before late autumn);
  4. peppers with all coloured rainbow fruit;
  5. beans and cucumbers to decorate vertical surfaces, etc.