Сад + огород: ландшафтный дизайн садового дома и основные идеи

Landscape Design Of Garden And Garden

Ландшафтный дизайн своими рукамиSo, you have a new day house, and there's nothing around it. Chick islands of some green, measles and dull grey land. And you're thinking about cutting your head, where do you start upgrading the site? With the plan, of course! You've already figured out the ideas, right?

If you like experimenting, you'll be able to create a landscape design with your hands. What do you want? A little fantasy, a little skill, a huge desire and hard work.

Landscape Design Plan with its hands

Special assistants in the design of the landscape plan will be required programmewhere you can only use a mouse and a creative imagination to re-create any picture on the screen of the monitor, so you can build a bath, so you can smash the lawn, and then create a decoration water or an alpine pot. There are others, of course, but these two, in my opinion, are the most convenient.
  • Sierra Land Designer 3D 7.0
  • Realtime Landscaping Architect

And if you don't own the computer so well to work with 3D images, the landscape design plan can be schematically painted on a millimetre scale 1:100. As a basis, use your long-term plan. Take him to a millimeter and start zoning.

ЗонированиеKnowing the site by hand
Please tell me where you're going to have economic structures, such as a bathhouse, a summer shower, a conversation and other buildings where you're planning to separate a place under the lawn, and where you're planning to plant a garden, smash the clumbs, garments, etc. Remove the route of the crossing. Determine the main ones, from the gate to the house, then from home to business, garage and recreational sites: conversations, ponds, lawn, etc. When zoning the site, try to avoid direct lines, let your paths and pathways be marked, so the landscape design will look esthetic. Determine the size and configuration of those gift facilities that do not plan to change in the coming years: garage, conversation, pool, bath, etc. From them and from them.

When zoning the site, take account of its characteristics and terrain. Determine the direction of the drainage ropes (if required), consider the lighting pattern and electrical cables. And when you're about to zoate the area directly on the ground, use the wooden bulbs, connecting them with their usual rope, you just need to follow the plan you've painted on paper as accurately as possible.

Construction with your hands.

So, with the zoning, I hope it's done. The second phase of landscape design is being built with its hands. You can make a great bath in your precinct, a summer shower, a nice chat, a sports and/or a children's space, like these cute photos. Постройки своими руками

A little fantasy.

The land from the boiler represents a dark grey saint. Turn her into an exclusive! Create a multi-stage alpine mountain, and if there's a locality and water on the precinct, put a horny with a small water that will form a fountain and cute garden figure.

It is possible to incinerate stones in the form of pyramids (speaking that this has a favourable impact on the terrain ' s energy) or to make a podium for garden flowers. Fantasy!

Sad roads with their hands

So, with the zoning and the structures, you're gonna lay down. But before planting green beauty on the dock, we need to put the main entrance path and the path between the structures on the site. They're quite capable of being built with their hands. The simplest option is a garden track device called a " trail " . She doesn't need stoves, stones, soil preparation. The picture below shows how a track of this type is equipped. This way of comment, I don't think it's necessary.

The second way is to equip a garden track with a sunshine or a small cheek. Dig her a bed deep 10 to 15 cm, catch him with an inaccurate geotextile foam, reinforce the side of a special brodure ribbon (produced in stores) or a low decorative fence. Then a stiff bed, put a galaxy or a gravel. It's a saint garden path ready. That's how she looks in the picture.

If there's a heavy load on the garden passageway (e.g., for the passage of a car), you'll have to work and set a road on a solid base.

To this end, in a 10 to 12 cm bed, the roadblocks put sand on a 5 cm high, lose it, strengthen the side of the bordührer ribbon or ropeoid path and bleach or form a pad.

Green saturation

Only after you've identified the zoning of the precinct, construction and gardening, you can finally get some rest. And then we start decorating the landscape with green saturation.
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