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Landscape Design With His Hands On The Dash

ЛАНДШАФТНЫЙ ДИЗАЙНLandscape design of a long-distance site is a field that has recently begun to focus in post-Soviet countries. For years, fruit and vegetable production has been seen as a garden. It's not gonna work out completely. But to make a precinct not only a place for work, but also for rest, for everyone. Important principles on which landscape design is built will need to be explored.

ландшафтный дизайн дачиWhy start designing?

Before you realize the ideas that exist in your mind, a real plan for the development of the territory should be established. Measure the total size of the area, the house, the distance from some existing structures to other objects, roads, fences, streams. Determine which areas are necessary. These include:

  • Color or paladian;
  • Interview;
  • decoration water or pool;
  • fence or living fence;
  • Roads;
  • Construction and construction (gas, sarais, alpine mountains).

On a scale, paint new objects on your plan.

The project contains one or two zones. In the European tradition, the agrarian zone, i.e. fruit and vegetables, is not provided.ландшафтный дизайн русский стиль But you can set her up. At that time, landscape design will focus on the establishment of two important areas, the recreation area and the agrarian area.

The traditional garden is broken into rectangular rites. Importantly, modern landscape design takes into account the original features of the long-distance area. For example, a non-standard relay would be better off, but it's interesting to play. Don't want a full symmetry, because there's no natural landscape.

ландшафтный дизайн в английском стилеHow do we plant? Villages and high artisanals are better placed in the north, and the streams are in the south. The general project is ready, the time is ripe for its implementation!

Don't forget to study. photo of the design of the gifted A section of professionalism. An optimum solution is a photo gallery of ready projects in thematic journals. Having studied modern photos of landscape design, you'll figure out what direction to move. For example, the bright features of the fabulous characters and animals that decorate each second country area are long regarded as an inaccurate trend.

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