100 лучших идей дизайна для дачного участка на фото

Landscape Design Ideas For Delivery

Самобытный ландшафтный дизайн своими рукамиIn our vibrant life, a small oasis of our own dachas is a true luxury. You can hide from the fuss of a sound city, calm quietly rest in silence and peace, and there's hard physical work here, not fatigue, but only joy, especially when you see the handfuls of your work. Many lucky people turn their suburban properties into little Eden, creating an unusually beautiful self-sustained landscape design with your hands.♪ I mean, even a modest and very neglected area can be so enticed that it will become a story.

The funniest thing that many people think is that building a landscape design is a very complicated case, and it's inaccessible to them. But there's a lot of conversations, gas breaks, clumbing, exotic plants, orchard bridges, decorated water banks, and even built very original alpine mountains without knowing that they've already built a landscape with their own hands.)

Moreover, no one is prevented from accessing the Internet (which is now available to almost all) with the technician of a landscape element. And by showing an indignant fantasy, putting your work and generosizing him with love, it is possible to create a truly cozy and beautiful place in which a living soul and your own understanding of aesthetics and beauty are felt. It is not necessary to follow anyone ' s rules or apply the stamps. Create a beauty on a " self-contained " , taking into account your own fluortic preferences.

Where do we start?

Anyway, the night section is almost always associated with a lot of green. Of course, harmful weeds may be involved in this role, but aesthetically, the dampening of the ducks, the bright cloams and, if the terrain structure allows, the alpine mountains. For many newcomers, the creation of a landscape by its own hands begins precisely with the construction of a lawn, because the grasses are inappropriate and require minimum care. It's nice to have your own hands on a grass carpet that keeps going through a sausage, or it's going to fall for its softness. Ghazon gives the whole site some sort of order, a sense of calm and cozy, absorption of the lam lines and visually blows the landscape.

Клумба-черепахаGason is, of course, good and wonderful, but any garden without flowers is bored and wicked. Put the flowers down! Organize beautiful cloams, think of shapes. These may be any kind of flower: round, oval, square, multi-dimensional, commissioned or produced from suitable manual material.

Look at these photos, how original it is to form the gardens.

Only before you plant your flower, you can locate it, studying in advance the characteristics of every plant that is about to settle in it. In addition, it is possible to make beautiful amplelle-coloured baskets, to organize high-allocated vasones for them. Or put the unwanted species in the most unexpected capacity.

For a lot of lucky people, a nice plot is an alpine mountain that can create an illusion of a natural stone-crossing with lively flowers. Don't be afraid to experiment. The perfect solution for decorating her foot will be unstable plants, such as lipstick, edelways alpine, young (Sempervyvum) and various types of multi-year hygienic. The average mountain core can be painted by the astro alpine, the Navy Army, the Pashist Anaphalis, the stones or readers.

And on the top of the alpine mountain, solar and drought-resistant plants should be planted, e.g., iberis eternal green, noodles, geichers or inappropriate eternal green semi-humans.

Газон Клумба из бревен Разные клумбы из подручных материалов Альпийская горка

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