Самоделки для дачи и сада своими руками

Doing Hand-Delivers

Every city man has, I think, observed a summer scene like this: five o'clock in the evening, Friday, global escape from town, traffic, electricity in battle.

There's probably nothing more specific to a man like a good calm, a sip of fresh air and a rest. Still, there's something to do. Sad, garden, fisherman, forest, etc. For people who prefer not only active, but with a high CPA, to spend their time at the same time and are intended for this section.

As the title of " SAMODY FOR DACHI " , it is devoted to a variety of deeds that can be carried out by their hands at the same time. If there are hands, tools, brains, and energy, then forward: for delivery It's not only an opportunity to have a good time, but it's a good opportunity to save. What a simplicity for action, if you think. You can do everything with your hands to give, it's your own luck, furniture, bath. How many different garden and garden deals can be done! What's to say is an endless simplicity for self-propelled creation. A piece of space for themselves, their loved ones and their own garden, as Walter would say. But why invent the wheel twice? Here, all the lucky ones will find interesting self-propelled self-executing, with minimal force and resources. It's better to spend a little bit of effort and time to do your own business than go to the store and buy ready standard packed. No romance... It's all yours.

The new communist slogan, " Do your hand to give! " is very relevant, especially in summertime.

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