Садовые тачки - Кира-скрап - клипарт и рамки на прозрачном фоне

Dried Cars

Looking for cheap orchard cars from a proven supplier of construction equipment and long-distance equipment? See the West Strait Company for over 20 years, we have supplied a wide line of special equipment that can be used in construction, repair, household and other fields. From our catalogue, you will pick and buy a garden car with the most appropriate set of characteristics.

The key arguments for choosing our products are:

  • On the basis of the demands made, you will be offered a garden car of one or two-wheeled, equipped with a stainless steel bunker. This is a guarantee of the long-term operation of equipment.
  • Telephones are packed with solid metal frames (carcas) with heavy weight loads - some models are designed to transport dry materials up to 230 kg.
  • The convenience of movement of goods is ensured by a wheelbase. The wheels are inflatable, disk or matches on the substopics, well depreciated, so the best for any relay.

If you need a debt garden carits price will be determined by the material of the construction of the trolley, the size of the bunker, the type of wheel system. Call the West Strait managers, they'll find the best option.