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Gasoline Gardena

AKTION! Gardena PowerMax 32 E

New target: 8,671 RUB!

Let's go!

Technical characteristics:

Engine type: Electrical
Power: 1.2 kW
Tension: 220 V
Type of displacement:
Drop heights: 5
Download height: 20-60 mm
Multure: No
Bone Emission: No
Positioning height: Central
Recommended landing area: 300 square metres
Download width: 32 cm
Welding volume: 29 l
Type of weed:
Body material: plastic
Length: 124 cm
Width: 36 cm
Height: 88 cm
Weight: 8.3 kg
Number of wheels:
Noise level: 96 dB

Dimension of package, Dxxxx34 cm
Packing weight: 8.5 kg
Diarrhoids (DhHV), warehouse handle: 95x36x62.5 cm
Noise level near operator ear: 84.4 dB
On-hand vibration: 1.87 m/kv.s


The electrical power of the Gardena PowerMax 32 E can be described in two words, power and usability. The electric motor, which has a power of 1,200 W, shows the effective downloading of the grass. It's applicable to any kind of gasoline, it's easy to squeeze wet and high grass. PowerMax 32 E is easy and easy. If you've already made a decision to buy a gasoline, then Gardena PowerMax 32 E will be a great choice. It's convenient to take off and devastate a tough potassium. 5 levels of grass rocking. A central pen is used for light transport.