Газонокосилка бензиновая самоходная Cub Cadet CC 46 SPO V в Москве

Gasoline Gasoline

AK! Gasoline gasoline gasoline self-propelled Stiga Collector 46 S - 18 499r.

Stiga Collector 46 s is a functional gardening instrument to cut the lawn in a small or medium area. He'll be an irreplaceable assistant for the Daci owners or the country house. The high quality of the assembly and material guarantees a long life of service provided that it is properly operated.

Stiga RS 100 OHV engine model
Dimension width 44 (see)
Width 46 (cm)
Welding volume 55 (l)
Heading of centre, 5 pos. 30 - 67 (mm)
Fixed engine speed control
Method of movement
Steel hull material
Herbsorption system
Front / rear 165 / 190 (mm)
Mass 26, 2 kg

Stiga 46 s gasoline has a petrol engine. An independent power source ensures autonomy and manoeuvrability in the workplace. Power and productivity are not affected. For one journey, vegetation in width 44 cm is downloaded. The cut height ranges from 30 to 67 mm (5 positions).

The convenience and ease of operation of the Stiga Collector gasoline describes the indicators affecting the general ergonomic:

a suitable handicraft located at an angle that minimizes efforts to manage the instrument,
The optimum location of the weed collector 55 l to simple his devastation,
The size of the front and rear wheels (165mm and 190mm respectively).
In addition, the shell has been removed from solid steel. This ensures the long life of the equipment, as damage to stones, external metals and others is excluded.