Газонокосилка аккумуляторная WORX WG785E

Battery Gasoline

The Internet magazine for dachas and gardens of UBI recommends the acquisition of a gasoline or battery (electronic gasoline) for home-based care. Small weight, low vibration and noise levels compared to gasozone-oxidation provide the maximum comfort of the operator in the operation. However, the engine power (up to 2 kW) is sufficient to process areas above 1,200 m2.

Electric and battery gasolines have the following advantages:
• The increased torque to 22 Nm and the speed of the knives to 3,700 o/min provide high productivity;
• A wide range of adjustment of the height of the bone (25-75 mm) allows for the collection of the most appropriate level for your gasoline;
∙ The built-in venting system of electro-gas-oxidation protects the engine safely from overheating;
:: The volume of herbs (up to 50 l) extends the working cycle considerably;
● Large wheels provide high manoeuvrability.

If you don't want the electric cable to limit the movement on the site, you're gonna have to pick up a battery lawn on the online roll. The full charge of the battery is sufficient to process the area up to 300 m2.


To buy a battery gasoline in Moscow, it's enough to order a site. All the equipment presented on sale has a detailed price description, so the electro-gasoline will not work. Delivery will be completed within 1-2 days at a convenient time for you. The courier will contact you 1 hour before he arrives.

Also, you can take self-exporting equipment to the nearest gas station store of the BBM company network in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lower Novgorod, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Saratov, Kazani, Catherineburg, Surgute, Omske, Ryazani, Brynske and Tule.


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