Самодельная электрическая газонокосилка

Engine For Gasoline

Изображение с названием Create a Go Kart with a Lawnmower Engine Step 1Choose a suitable frame for a map that can withstand both the internal combustion engine (inside gasoline or non-self-propelled) and the gasoline gearbox (smelting).

Push the metal plate to the frame, which will justify the engine and gearbox.

Put the engine and gearbox on it, and the selection of the engine installation is not as important as the gearbox. Set up a gearbox with a rear bridge refrigerator.

Switch the star of the gearbox so she can get into a chain with a 16-proof six.

Use any suitable hand-held friction foam or a disk clutch. The ratio of engine transmission to transmission shall be 1 to 1.

Изображение с названием Create a Go Kart with a Lawnmower Engine Step 2 Изображение с названием Create a Go Kart with a Lawnmower Engine Step 3 Изображение с названием Create a Go Kart with a Lawnmower Engine Step 4 Изображение с названием Create a Go Kart with a Lawnmower Engine Step 5

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