Электрическая газонокосилка Viking ME 339 - интернет-магазин

Electrical Gas

Electrical Bosch ARM 3650 is a universal model of rotary gasoline, designed to be used in private and long-distance environments. With a small weight and a compact layout of the shell, the aggregate has a good productivity, provided by the innovative design of the direction and characteristics of a high-speed and energy-efficient engine. The gasoline casing is done in modern fashion, light steel alloys, aluminium and particularly solid plastics are used to manufacture the components. Special convenience is provided by a centralized rolling adjustment system and the possibility of adjusting in several directions of the pen.


  • Simulation and easy management and maintenance;
  • A 40-litre weed;
  • Stylish and ergonomic design;
  • Reliability of all components and long life of unprotected use.

The experienced consultants of the Lerua Merlen stores will provide you with the fullest possible information on the possibilities, characteristics and dignity of the Bosch ARM 3650 gasoline and help to buy it on the most advantageous terms.

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