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Electrical Gasoline

They'll be able to take care of a small gas station near the house. They can put the grass on a certain height. Without special effort, the user receives a beautiful flat site.


The electric motor makes the machines clean, they don't pollute the air with the exhaust. Unlike gasoline, gasolines can operate on slopes and gasolines with a non-residential relay. They can cultivate up to 1,200 square metres. The service of the electro-gas-oxidation force is only the regular clearance of the outer surface. The only disadvantage is having an electric cab. It limits scope and reduces manoeuvrability.


  • Rotors are four-wheeled (more than three wheels) and cut the system is a knife rotating parallel to the ground. It not only cuts the plants ' s stalks, but also creates an air flow that drags them into a dump. Down to 80 mm. Central adjustment is simplifying control. For a large section, a gasoline can be purchased with self-propelled electric power.
  • Barabane (spinned) is a two-wheeled, steaming system - alcoholic knives rotating to the waist and one stationary knife. The travae is cut off carefully as scissors. Down to 40 mm. It is. Electrical It is recommended for areas up to 400 square metres with soft grass.

Characteristics of electrical

  • Power - A high score is needed to cut a thick and high grass, a large section. Supports the speed of the knife in difficult working conditions. High productivity.
  • Download width - The same section of the electric gasoline with a width of 46 cm will work twice as fast as the width of 32 cm. But a small model better manoeuvres in narrow places.
  • Travobour - Cut grass is going to the tank. The greater the volume of the " companion " , the less work will have to be stopped to clean it up.
  • Multiplication - introduced as an additional function, special knives are used for it. The little mulch stays on the lawn, defending it from drying, and serves as a fertilizer.
  • Body material is mostly plastic. Increased plastic is more qualitative than polypropylene. Steel is more reliable, but he's heavier.
  • Weight is the easier it is to store, transport and service.