Инструмент для прививки деревьев своими руками

Tree Vaccination Tool

Прививочный секатор, фото с сайта grafting-tool.comWe've had a conversation on the website about the vaccinating secator. That's kind of an interesting thing, but what's to expect from it? Maybe buying, and then all the impulsive problems are solved? Suddenly, thrown out money and total frustration?

Still, you want to, you don't want to, but you have to go to the science-practice business, you don't regret learning time. Let's try to figure this out together!

What's a vaccinator?

That's it. garden scissorswhose blade is intended to carry out the impulse cuts. We know the better the cuts on the subway and the dowry, the higher the success of the vaccination. So, the design of the vaccination secator blades is designed so that the specimen cuts on the subway and the dowry without any extra subway are perfectly consistent with each other. Like puzzles.

Срез прививочным секатором на подвое, фото с сайта rostok500. Like an example, a subway cut. ♪ ♪

... and the complementary cut to the conquering

When the cuts are combined, the woods and the cambial layers of the belts are perfectly attached to each other.

In the set to the compartment, there are usually different knives - V-shaped, Omega-like and P-shaped.

Spare knives are made of steel and must be stacked. For example, one of the knives is a big plan:

Review of vaccinations

At the store, we can offer a few different models of this tool, from different producers, at different prices. What to draw attention to and what nuances to be taken into account in the choice are the next video from Eugenia Fedotov.

Intake bay

Of course, I'd like to hear it, but I'd like to see such a secator in action. The best thing is, if the neighbor on the good side has already acquired it, you can stay close and ask yourself to hold the instrument in hand. Well, as long as the neighbor decides, we can see the video here. In the next video, Ivan Lifatov shows the process of injecting the pears and, most importantly, the future fate of the tidal plant.

Срез прививочным секатором на привое, фото с сайта rostok500. For and against

I guess there's always positive and negative moments in any case or anything. Without them, there'll never be anything. It's not an exception. Let's just say:

" For "

  • May be Special skills and skills, and successful vaccinations.
  • The vaccination process is becoming fast'Cause you don't have to push cuts under each other. It's good for the tree (because the cuts don't dry) and for the lucky one (because time is running out).
  • Thanks to the speed and ease of the process, much more vaccinations can be made. And the fruit and weather of the garden will increase and experience will be added.


  • The vaccinator is designed for run the same diameter♪ The permissible diameter difference is 2-3 mm. And if our dowry and dowry are markedly different in thickness, we'll still have to turn to the vaccinating knife.
  • The intake thickness is limited to 4-12 mm. In practice, especially with the use of omegonomic profiles, the dispersion is even smaller, ranging from 7 to 10 to 12 mm. I mean, the choice of wins and conquests is quite limited.
  • The price of a good fascinating secator is bit. We won't even compare the knife to the price.

Виды ножей к прививочному секатору, фото с сайта melitopol.all.biz Нож Клин

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