Каждый огородник, какой трудится в саду или на даче старается

Urban Tools

A five-year-old resident of Brest made Ukrainian comics laugh at 50,000 mryvens.

Daria Sorošchenko participated in the Maxim Galkin programme last year and struck all her literary memory.

Daria's five-year-old brass is attracted to many. Shahmats, dances, history, geography, reading is far from a complete list of her interests.

This time, she decided to take part in a Ukrainian show called "Rassmeshi Comic." Children. " Daria confessed to the leader, Naste Kamensky, that the jokes helped her write dad and mom.

After the victory, the girl told me what the winning money would cost: "Mother on the earrings and dress, daddy on the stitch, book, brother on the real shield, grandpa on the garden tools, grandma on flowers seeds. And if there's anything left, we're all on the bookstore.