Совсем ручной: выбираем садовые инструменты

Hand Gardening Tool

Sad shovel
Spring and fall of gardeners have a lot of work to do, plant and scatter land, harvest.
With good gardening tools, it'll be easier and more fun.
For those who try not to overburden their backs, a good scapula-American with an inverted filth like a sharp spoon.
Coping it with one pleasure, the spine loads are at least. And the price is small.
America is a unique model of a shovel that has unique unique changes, compared to a typical spine.
The shape of America's blade has some difference, it's more sharp and stronger.
Thanks to the deepening of the shovel, she can work not only with a swinging leg, but also with her hands.
Changes in the blade make it easy to dig any diameter.
In the area of application, the American scapula can be used entirely in any field and for any material.
The excellent qualities of a United States scapula: light weight, and certainly a technical solution - swelling on the bay and reinforced blade.
These factors make it easier to deal with the shovel, and work is done not only by legs but by hands.
The scape is foreseeable to the legs, which reduces the load on the leg muscles.
These innovations not only make the scape strong, reduce the burden on the spine and legs, but also enable them to work completely with any material.

Every human being once in his life questioned how to get a high temper.
This can be done most effectively through DPKO.
The fruit collector is a garden instrument that significantly facilitates the removal of fruits and other fruits growing high above the ground on the upper branches of fruit trees and handicrafts.
Using this manual instrument, you can easily reach even the top branches and harvest without using a strand or a staircase.
The plodders have two main parts, the stem (most often sold separately) and a small hatch of stems in which the fruit is collected.
Any long pole or stereo fit in diameter may be used as a silver.
The difference. gardening instrument Other similar devices consist of a movable basket for the collection of fruit, which greatly enhances the review of tree branches and leaves, as well as in a reliable and simple design that prevents the stacking of branches in the collection of fruit (though the fruit is not ripped and the fruits are cut and squeezed into a soft bag - a basket).
The pedagogical mills are made of cotton tissue or other solid material.
The upper edge of the bag is attached to the metal Circle, where there are a number of speakers outside the mouth (usually small).
The fruits are covered by dentals, followed by cuts in the bag.

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