Садовая техника

Food Technology

Sad tech is the equipment that makes work in a good field easier and more efficient. All garden equipment can be divided into several large groups:

  • to rock grass,
  • for agro-processing of the Territory,
  • for economic work.

Kindergarten type

The management of gas, handicrafts and trees requires various tasks: improving access to soil oxygen, cutting land, protection against insects and parasites. The following types of equipment may be required for such work in the garden:

  • Normal trimmers and lawn mowers are technicians that leach grass;
  • Motocles, cultivators - Soil-processing equipment;
  • Dumpers - help protect green saturation from parasites and diseases;
  • Degrees - are intended for the processing of garden waste;
  • Garden vacuum cleaners - machines to help clean up the site;
  • aerators, scarificers and verticals - soil irrigation devices, used to improve air access to plant roots;
  • Measles of accurate drying and gas are used to plant vegetables or decorative crops.

Food technology may be portable or equipped with special wheels and launches to be fitted to a mini-rejector. It facilitates her treatment and increases the speed of work in the garden.

Assistants for your garden

Our network of hypermarkets offers a great choice of equipment for the garden, which will make work on the land not only fast, but also effective. We can acquire equipment to process land, recharge the lawn, and model the green crown of artisanal and trees. Our catalogue provides both universal equipment for small gardeners and craftsmen and professional aggregates for gardeners.