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The Garden Car With Its Hands

Car colour - It's a great idea to steal the precinct! It's not as difficult to do it with your hands as it may seem at first sight, it's important to have fantasy and listen to professional advice.

Any garden must have an old garden. carwhich can easily be turned into a beautiful flower. You can also use an old box by converting it into a car or a car. You won't need much to do this.
Car or box;
Polyethylene film;
Small gravel or keramsite for drainage;
Ground mixture;
The flower dissipation.

And most importantly, your fantasy and good mood.

Okay, let's go!

1. We take an old car or a box (possible to make one of several unnecessary boards). Restored in our taste: paint, covered by paws, or left in a pepper-provintage now in fashion.

2. We'll clean up the bottom of a polyethylene.

3. On the bottom of the car, we're putting on a drained layer of ceramsit or small gravel. The layer thickness is not less than 5 cm.

4. Upstairs of the drainage layer, we'll put on a layer of dirt mixture, and we'll lighten it.

5. We're careful to get rid of the potters, and we're taking out the roots of the plants.

6. We'll plant roots and plots between the plants of the groundwater mixture.

7. We're watering room temperatures and we're putting a mulching layer.

Your flower is ready! You can put the same mountain with flowers in the car. Ample flowers look especially good. Besides, thanks to his mobility, you can change your flower without difficulty depending on the degree of lighting, weather or your desire.