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With His Hands

Hello. I've been trying to make a robot car, I've started, I've been throwing it, but I've got a motive to continue working on a robot with gasoline.
I liked the forum10/topic6195.html.
Decided to base the DIY project Ardumower.de
Started with the test version, the main components were available (telephone, mega, sonar, engine drive, BT)
There's almost a cockroach on the way out, only without a perimeter sensor.

I've been downloading the last "proof" 1.0a6-Azurit.
I told the configuration that I had minis, there were errors in the code, danced with the bubble, loaded... and quiet. I mean, nothing happens. It turned out to be a problem-fucking thing, so I decided fast. Started checking all components separately, drifter, button, biper, engine, blue tooth (not checked) with test skates working.
I'm digging the basic code now. Tonight, I ran into Troubleshooting.
We'll have to go through the console to see the sensors, see if I can see.

Enthusiastov, please, many have everything they need to do. Here's a list that's gonna need a minimum.
Even if you don't want to. Robot of gasolinethe project has great potential and algorithm can be used in other projects, such as the robot vacuum cleaner.
For a whiskey, which there is:
The charge/discharge tracking algorithm and recharge of the robot;
gps of the module;