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Self-Dealing With Your Hands

..not quite understood: How's the transfusion machine? What's the top with the sealed lids, but with open stucers? What's the diode with the sensor, and what's the voltage on the phone? How's the ten buried? Well, it would be good to keep a hot tank to save.
Still, a plastic stain on a 60-litre scavenger with heat is now worth about 800 p. But! It's with a secure tan and a temperature machine.

Citatate: Cyrus

The point in the hand-held equipment (the barrel ring bell rings off) and the bangs and the hot and cold and financial costs are at least our time.

Well, if you have "started" pump, 50 metres wiring, a pair of 50-litre, 20-metre hose, 2-kilowattan, sensors, stucers, water-cleaning, electro-packers, phones, pads, homotes, mixers, free-circ with submarine, water storage capacity at the inlet, alumbing instrument and a couple of days of free time.