Тачка садовая одноколесная — «Строительная деталь»

Single-Wheeled Car

тачка садовая фотоThe car is an intact attribute of any building site or garden. Accordingly, the garden car and the construction car are different. In the first case, the product is intended for the carriage of leaves, land, crops, in general, for gardening. The body does not require a special power, so very often it is made of plastic or zincane vengeance. In most cases, this kindergarten has one wheel and has a cargo capacity of not more than 100-130 kg.

The car is built on one and two wheels, a product with a much higher load capacity, often about 250 kg, and a more powerful structure. Designed for the carriage of sand, concrete, cheek, stone, solution and other construction materials.

Sad car

Food and natural work is inevitably linked to the need to move heavy enough items and goods at the site. These are both crops and fertilizers (horf, manure) for soil application, and residues collected in spring and autumn. A great assistant who facilitates heavy physical work, garden car

There are two types of cars, professional (constructive) and garden. The construction cars have a large volume, a significant load capacity, but they are very heavy and require significant physical force. For work garden special garden cars are more appropriate. They are less cumbersome, lights in use, different sizes and different loads.

All orchard cars have simple, but ergonomic and reliable design including bodywork, frame, pen (or pen), stubborn device, wheel (or wheel).


The garden can be one-wheeled or two-wheeled. Each of these species has its advantages and disadvantages. Two-wheeled garden cars use a lot of demand. They can transport more goods once, stable, easy to handle, not turn over. However, if the garden or area has a small area, the paths are narrow and vibrant, one-wheeled cart will be a more appropriate option.

Wheels in modern models may be pneumatic with a camera and a rubber tyre with a tread, lithium rubber with a disk or plastic different diameters. Plastic wheels are easy, but they are vulnerable to ignorance. Large diameter rubber wheels provide a soft walk. Perfect at the same time as a trolley. Buy. spare wheel or tyre.

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