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Garden Car

Дачная тележка GardenDreams 65л


A solid, multifunctional, super-light, stable (broad base, large wheels), steel axle, robber anchorage. Fixed wheels. UV protection. Max. 50kg. Weight 2.5kg. Volume: 65l.
Diabric dimensions: 60 (S)*50 (G)*87 (B) cm
Colour: black

Price: 1 900 roubles

Тачка садоваяA convenient, multifunctional, super-light, compact for storage, a water discharge opening. Volume: 55l
Diabric dimensions: 58 (S)*53 (G)*89 (B) cm
Colour: brown

Price: 2,760 shirt

Light, rubber pens, high-profile, cut-off wheels, metal edge, stacking openings
100L. Dimensions:
127 (D)*58 (S)*60 (B) cm
Colour: light brown

Price: 6 100 shirt

Multifunctional, super-proof, cut-out solid wheels d=22 cm. Water hole.
Volume: 150 litres
68, 6 (S)*73 (D)*91, 4 (B) cm
Colour: black

Price: 7,400 roubles

Perfect for the distribution of seeds, fertilizers, vaginal reagents.

Bunker 20l, 25 kg.
Route adjustment.

Крепеж инструмента в тележке Тележка Easy GO 55 литров Садовая тележка Тачка KETER

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