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Displacement Beds

AgroECOD disembarkation tapes are designed for reuse and manufactured from nontoxic plastic, so our product is environmentally sound. Our product is economically profitable and convenient for a number of reasons, and growing plants in clusters is the most modern and progressive way. This way of growing plants is very popular and continues to conquer all new positions in horticulture and agriculture.

The advantages of cassettes are:

- Substantial downsizing of the cost of products through savings in labour and material costs;

- The possibility of transporting crops without risk of damage;

- Sufficient care for plants, full growth control;

- Saving the area in the greenhouse by compact location of the cassette;

- Vegetables are protected from disease and their viability increases to 90 per cent;

- ensure that the plant is fully protected from external exposure, plants have a proper and healthy root system.

The cultivation of vegetables and floral crops in small quantities in disbandment clusters for private use has been a practice for many years. But growing plants in industrial needs has entered our market relatively recently, which has been possible with the development of cluster technologies. These technologies include a number of necessary operations. And they are all mechanized, optimized and streamlined, and these technologies are based on cassettes.

Our AgroEco Dom Company produces high quality Discharge tapes As noted earlier, the disintegration is not damaged during transport, and the openings do not have sharp edges, which protects the root plant system from accidental damage when removed from the cell.