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Interview with V.N. Dmitriev, President of the Vassilina Agrocholling

On November 22th, there was a transmission of the Rural morning, where we were told about our technology.

The self-propelled Tuman-1 spray does not damage plants due to low pressure pneumonics. When moving, it exerts pressure on the soil about 0, 1 kg/sm2, which makes it possible to work during the vegetation without compromising the crops. After processing, young plants rise up and leave no trace of coles.

Rapid recovery from high seasonal productivity

High productivity (up to 15,000 hectares) is achieved at a high rate per gnome (up to 50 km/h), low-volume polluting, rapid refuelling system

No free tractor is required and several trailer sprayers are replaced. Only one mechanizer is required for work

Simple and reliable design excludes simplicity due to long repairs and reduces maintenance and repair costs for the parent spray. The pneumonia uses knots and automobile aggregates, which enables field repairs and the acquisition of parts in any car shop

"Tuman" has a high mobility and can be quickly brought from transport to work and vice versa.

The retractor is equipped with a comfortable cab with the heater. During the operation, the mechanizer is safely protected from the steaming of chemicals.

A satellite navigation system is used for accurate handling, which together with suitable lighting equipment enables work at night

Modular design allows light and rapid (with 3 hours) re-equipment of the propellant in the discharge of mineral fertilizers and aerosol refrigerator

Engine and suspension

"Tuman" is propelled by a gasoline vector, 21083 with 71, 5 l.s. 4 wheels. The suspension is independent, the rear axle of the car is turning. Fuel consumption is only 0, 1-0, 2 l/ha (AI-92)
In case of damage to one of the wheels, the retractor may move independently to the repair site.

Tuman-1 agricultural machine

"Tuman" is universal, and can be used both to spray fields, gardens, plantations, internal currents and other facilities, and to produce liquid or granular fertilizers.

Refrigeration of the propeller does not require a special tool and can be performed by the maintenance staff within 3 hours.

Order and delivery

The Tuman pneumon may be supplied in the SAC-3 self-propelled propulsion unit and/or a self-propelled RMM-2 dispenser and a CA-5 fan operator. Separate delivery of modular machines with a pneumonia installation by the client may also be possible.


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