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On Tuesday, the birthday agrarians began a massive egg crop. Work was immediately organized in two shifts.

The working day for the mechanics that start the first shift begins at 6 a.m. At 10:00 p.m., their partner's engine is running. Thus, on the OAO ' s fields, the " Name " , then begins and ends in a deep evening. Only the lights of powerful tractors and the fall-out moon, rolling through the rubber, illuminate the land in which the seeds of the future harvest fall.

The local chief agronomist, Hisr Leonidovic Kachan, although still young, has a small number, operates without looking at the papers:

♪ The current spring plan is to plant the crops of 185, oats 40, wheat 200, yacht 320 hectares, including 200 hectares of beer. Particular attention has been paid to the cultivation of seeds of long-term grass, including beans.Больше десятка лет пашет именинские земли Андрей Владимирович Байдук They're worth a lot of money now. Big "plus, of course, is that the crops started so early. This will allow for the optimum time, in April, the settlement and corn, the sugar beet, the sunflower, the potato plant, the egor Leonidovic notes.

There was also snow winter in the hands of the birthday farmers. Unlike the two previous dry years, the soil is sufficiently moisture in the planting areas. The snow has rebuilt without special loss, and the winter rash, which also brings good money to the economy.

Every time of the year, there's a proverb. Spring in the people rightly says she's feeding a year. How coherent, arduous, qualitative, or speaking in modern language, by observing technology, by working the villagers in the spring, by conquering them and thanking them.

Mechanics are happy to come in spring. Although they're talking about their feelings with restraint, it's too much. It's never time for them to waste time. There's no time to stop the tractor, to silence the engine. Spring day feeds the family of each. Mass field work has started, and it has been possible to earn a decent wage.