Аккумуляторные опрыскиватели, как разумная альтернатива


Any battery dispensers are designed to treat plants with solvents and diseases, including heat and orange.

The retractors work from the removable battery, so they have a high productivity of 0, 32 l/min. Such battery spraying devices have low noise and ecologicality and can be used even in closed spaces, such as heat.

Battery spray characteristics

  • The capacity is the battery retractors with a volume of 5 to 15 litres. Dimensions with a tank of between 3 and 10 l will be used to spray low-grown plants, and 10 l will be used to carve the handicrafts and trees.
  • Large throat - Makes the fluid in the tank more accurate.
  • Dilution adjustment - allows for the necessary treatment: permanent or interrupted irrigation.
  • Long work - one battery charge is available for continuous operation for 2 hours.
  • Complexation - articles are delivered together with two stacks - for dispensation and spill. These are these. batteries equipped with a telescope hose and equipped with scalable belts for convenience.