Шланги для полива / Растягивающийся в 15 раз поливочный шланг

Switch To The Mixer

Как подсоединить шланг к крану

How to connect the hose to the crane.

Two simple ways.

  1. Used to connect the crane. Stupid. (Adapter) free of rubber♪ You're just gonna have to order a stucer in China.

2. For hose to mixer(s) used Controller for the mixer. Select the controller with the mechanical handle (more reliable water-flow switching mechanism from the tap to the hose).

By connecting the divers and the mixer, we're gonna need a cutter:

For compound olive hose cranou In both the first and second cases, you will need a hose (connector) to which the hose is mounted on the one hand and the second side is connected to the drawing.

For the right connector to the hose, pay attention to the diameter of the olive hose.

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