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Bulk Hose Arrest To 25

SIBIN CLASSIC 3rd layer 25 m 40308-3/4-25 is a solid arminated glass fibre product that serves as a garden pole. The polyvinyl chloride slang with the burst pressure of 10 atmospheres. The inner surface makes no algae in the hose. 25 m long.

Technical characteristics of CLASSIC SIBIN 40308-3/4-25

Max pressure, bar 10.1

Type Armated

Length, m 25

Diameter, inch 3/4

Permissible temperature range, °C from -20 to +60

Parameters of packaged goods

Unit of goods:
Weight, kg: 3, 50
Diarrhoids, mm: 380 x 380 x 70


  • Russia is the homeland of the brand.
  • Russia is the country of manufacture*
  • Producer information

* The manufacturer retains the right to change the composition and place of production of the goods without notifying the dealers!

This information is not a public offer

To date, there are no expendables for this product

with delivery throughout the country: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lower Novgorod, Catherineburg, Novosibirsk and other cities of Russia.

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