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How Do You Make A Cart

Изображение с названием Build Your Own Kid's Wagon Step 11Make two rectangular brackets for the trolley pen. To this end, aluminium stripes of 2, 5 cm and thickness 3, 1m will be fine. It's good material, it's simple in handling and spanning, not exposed to weather and corrosion. Each interior side shall be about 10 cm long and 3/16 inches (4,7mm) of the openings for the attachments on the one hand of each detail shall be checked.

Put the curtains in the area of the centre of the rotating part of the front axle in such a way that the pen between them can move freely. You have to cut the pen (square bars with side 3, 8 cm and long 91 cm) before you attach the kronsteins to the axis to make sure you fix them correctly.

Cut the pen (also referred to in the previous step) process its surface to be smooth, between the brackets and fix it with a shoe. This part in the right place can be fixed by 1/4 inch (6, 3 mm) by a long 6, 3 cm.Изображение с названием Build Your Own Kid's Wagon Step 13 You can cure the chatter after the gaze, so it doesn't work out.

Put your hand on the other end of your pen. Again, aluminium cuts in the form of stripes are easy material to use for this step. Give the two identical parts of the square zee-shaped form (see illustration), drill the openings for the fastening rifles, and plug the edge of the cap or stack paper to protect against scratches.

Put in between the ends of the brackets a square wooden barrel with a side of two, five cm.Изображение с названием Build Your Own Kid's Wagon Step 14 Then, in the centre of the brakes, drill the openings for 1/4 inch (6, 3 mm) of the rifle (or the cut-off) to attach to the brackets. Make sure the drill is as close as possible to the center. You're gonna take the drill so long that the bruise can be drilled.

Push the bolt or the cutting through the skirt, the handle and the other skirt. Then put the diaper on the cutting edge on both sides.

Pick up the gigs. Cut and slide to the smooth surface of any sparkling parts.

Изображение с названием Build Your Own Kid's Wagon Step 12 Изображение с названием Build Your Own Kid's Wagon Step 15

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