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Soda Tools

You can buy a set of tools in a suitcase. Now there's no need to buy separate screws, keys and flat lips. The tools are packed in a special case or box and do not occupy many places in storage and transport. The models are met from high-profile, legit steel resistant to mechanical loads. Hands have cut boxes that provide comfort and reduce the risk of leaching. If you choose the kit, you'll consider whether there's a window in it that you might need to work.


On the online callogue of an Internet MD store, you can choose and buy:
∙ A set of tools for cars with thorns heads, beats, cracks, extensions, knuckles and rangers that may be required when replacing wheels, batteries or wires;
:: Retail and slurry kits containing bats, dentals, tariffs, wooden or metal clamps;
∙ Electrical mountings with dielectric screws and flat lips, insulated clips and photo-half devices.

The catalogue also presents, in a wide range of prices, universal and specialized kits, such as battles, thorns heads or keys.

The experimental counsellors of DPI in Moscow and other cities will help you focus on the range and the low cost of buying a toolbox. If you don't have time to visit the merchant room, you can get the goods delivered on our website. The price in the online rolling stock is no different from the value of the product at the store.

The company's courier will bring your purchases the day after the order's been issued. If you prefer self-export, you can take the tools in a few hours in the nearest to you by the BOI store in Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Saratov, Krasnodar, Omske, Ryazani, Surguth, Kazani, Tule, St. Petersburg (SPB), Volgograde, Brynske or Nizhne Novgorod.


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