Бетоносмеситель Б-165 (арт. СТИН-Б165) - описание, цены

Sad Inventory

Sections:Technology, Correctional Education

Objective: To teach children to cultivate, clean and pack barhat seeds


- Creating seed sampling, treatment and packaging skills;

- development of speech;

- development of self-employment, development of small hand motors;

- To foster care and sensitivity in the implementation of practical work


- Living flowers of velvets or pictures of velvets;

- The technology map for barhatese seeds;

- various seeds (pork, beans, peas, zinnia, etc.);

- garden set: wolf, fork, vomit;

Distributive material:

- cutting pictures of garden equipment;

- Barhat seed boxes;

one-time debris bags;

- Floor bags;

- card 3 x 5 cm for colours;

- a map called "barhuts" for writing.


I. ORGANIZATIONAL MODEL: Hello, guys. Let's start a lesson from the charge.

Who goes to visit in the mornings,
It's wise.
Let the sun only light us,
Happy morning!

II. Presentation of the lesson

Guys, we're gonna work out tonight, clean up and pack in barhut seed bags.

III. CONTINUING: Repeat material

(1) I have flowers. What are they called? (The right answer is barhuts.) Let's take a good look at the velvets and remember their construction. The teacher shows the roots and says, "What's this part of the plant called?" (The right answer is the roots.) The teacher shows the stem and says, "What's the name of this part of the plant?" (Responsibility.) The teacher shows the leaves and says, "What's this part of the plant called?" (The right answer is leaves.) The teacher shows flowers and says, "What's this part of the plant called?" (The right answer is flowers.) The teacher then calls students to show the roots, stalks, leaves and flowers of the plant. (Annex 1)

(2) To plant and grow barhuts, we need garden tools. Guys, let's remember garden tools. The teacher shows pictures of the garden instrument, and the children call the image. Here's the garden set. The teacher's calling the student to show all the straws, the fork, the vomit. (Then every performance of the instrument is followed by Glee Club students talking the name of the tool). (Annex 2)

(3) Now, these are these. garden tools You'll gather your own pictures.

  • 1 group to collect a cutting picture of 4 details;
  • 2 group - collect a cutting picture of 3 parts;
  • 3 Groups - collect a piece of two parts;