Сундуки и ящики из пластика для уличного хранения

Kindergarten Box

как хранить садовый инструмент ящик для инвентаря

Storage of garden equipment

Many of the lucky people have tools for gardens and towns dumped in a pile of invisible corners of the house or the barn. Every time you have to take a shovel or a fork, you have to dig up the whole pile (and maybe then wash the instrument).

There are many ways to rationalize the storage of the tools, so that they can enjoy their use, and the sheds can be free from fear. For example, shovels, forks and other long-distance tools can be put in a row on the wall. To this end, it's easier to buy ready attachments at the relevant store, but the holders can also be made on their own:

  1. Take the board around 10 cm wide.
  2. Turn the holes between 4 and 5 cm in diameter (so that the stems are involved) between 20 and 25 cm.
  3. Bring the board to the wall on metal corners.

It's not like a whole opening, but cut the half rounds on the edge of the board and figure out how to fix the shovels: a rubber on two rifles, a hook, etc.

A small garden instrument can be stored right on the desk, drilling holes in it.

A gardener with his hands

If for storage of garden equipment There's no special room, it's safe to put it under a high wing (or turn its step into boxes). Small instruments can even be hidden among the leaves of the grapes if it is planted so that it grows on the back and closes part of the wall.

Another option is to smash the toolbox. In fact, there's nothing more difficult about it if you've already had to work with a drink, a hammer and nails.
  1. Make a plan for a future drawer with sizes. In order to understand the length of the boards, measure the most dimensional instruments.
  2. Take the required number of boards, process the surface.
  3. Throw the sides and thorns of the future drawer. Inside, it's better to make a partition to fold large and small objects separately. Then you won't have to look for a little stick under the shovels and pies.
  4. Collect the harvest together. If the drawer is closed, you'll buy door loops - a halfway door is less comfortable.

The roof of the box can be turned into a bench. Then he can legally stand on the veranda and even in the kitchen, which is particularly convenient in a limited space.