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Sugars With Their Hands

We've set up a site for people who don't like to run shopping and spend their blood money on what they can do at home from hand-held funds.
In fact, you can be very surprised at what you can do in the home, just as you're a little self-destructive, your handwriting to a whole car or even home. The most important thing is not fearing your strength and believing that you can all do your own hands.

We have many articles, videos, instructions, drawings, manuals and descriptions of how to make our hands self-propelled, deeds, useful and interesting things, from manual materials, and debris. And also redesign normal things to unusual, beautiful and original, as well as to useful and functional designs that everyone will envy you. We'll also have the master's advice and those who are going to repair. The material is presented for both the beginnings and the professionals.