Sadko - Опрыскиватели садовые: модели, описание, характеристики


We propose to you universal mechanisms for tree and handicraft processing. We can buy sprayers and garden sprayers in a wide range supplied by leading world producers. Such equipment may be used for

  • tree processing,
  • Artists,
  • Posev,
  • for the spraying of chemicals,
  • to clean the dry sheet by air (suffle).

Where a dispenser or garden spray can be purchased in Moscow

There are both mechanical models and petrol. Normal mechanical treatment is only for small areas. They have low productivity. Characteristics gardenerworking on a petrol engine, you can see the website. They are stabbing mechanisms that wear on the back.

The sale of sprayers and gardener sprayers is now required from both private and corporate customers. Such mechanisms have many advantages and, above all, do not harm the environment. Clearly adjusting the belt, it is possible to combat very effectively the parasitics that attack the backbone or farm, as well as disinfection and other necessary work. In the survey of sprayers and orchard sprayers, consumers also note ease of use, ergonomic design, small fuel consumption, high productivity and minimum exhaust emissions.