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Section: Good technology and tools

There is a fairly large choice of garden TVs and cars. The car is an indispensable assistant at the station. And trash, and fertilizers, manure, compost and building materials, wood. etc. The master is a garden car.

What can I get? One or two wheels? In my opinion, only two. Much more stable, especially on the ground, and most importantly, it can not only be pushed in front of itself, but also be dragged! This, believe me, is an important factor. Try pushing a car with a lipstick on spring soil's lipstick, tie into two accounts! And if you pull, there's no problem.

And yet, despite the vulgar choice of garden TVs, there are moments when these dorms cannot be arranged.

For example, you built a greenhouse. There's plenty of room in it, and the passage has to be done so that the ground can be set up and the landing material. So? Doing a latched passage - a prospect and losing a precious " hidden " area? It's got to be a smaller car, actually. But that's what's on sale. It is therefore a good idea to develop the “start” itself.

Simple garden car - You can make a cart in a few hours on your own. With its parameters (gabarites, cargo capacity), you can also determine your own needs and capabilities. We're gonna need a few wood sprays (approximately 40 x 40 mm), a slice of a pipe or a slice of 60 to 70 cm long, a couple of any wheels, and a few plywood cuts.

Car frame.

Of course, as a frame, it would be ideal to use a cut P-shaped pipe or a profile of 16-25 mm. If it is, use it. And if you're making a budget option, it'll be a frame of braces or even a jelly. Just watch that there's no bitches on the edge of the brushes, or the brass can break. The length of the frame is approximately 120 to 150 cm, the width is 40 to 70 cm (through the main function of the trolley).

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