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Dance Car

Dried cars are a very relevant instrument for harvesting, construction, gardening and other operations in a good area. It's important that the model is user-friendly and manoeuvrable. Then the gardener will be much easier.

Our Internet store brings high-profile booths to the attention of buyers at low cost. Product control is carried out by our staff particularly carefully, so there is no reason to doubt each model from our catalogue. And here you will find Keter, Easy Go and other brands of this kind.

What kind of car?

An inexperienced horticulture won't immediately understand what kind of cartridge is worth. There are several classifications of this garden aggregate.

For example, depending on the material, all garden cars divided into:

  • plastics. Such options are light, manoeuvrability and productivity. They're quite firm and long, they don't rustle or glow. However, over time, plastic can be scratched, although it's a rather controversial flaw. This product is presented in the catalogue of our Internet store. Meet him to pick a really good handbag.
  • metal. Models of this nature are more lengthy and have a rather high load, but are of great weight. Which means that more effort will be needed in dealing with such an inventory. We also note that such models demonstrate a high resistance to mechanical damage, mould and fungus, sunlight and rain.
Depending on the number of wheels: